Monets Sunsets Pinpointed

A Forensic Astronomer looked at a few on Monet’s paintings and pinpointed down to the exact day and time when they were painted! Absolutely incredible.

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Wynwood Walls

Hey everyone,
Today we are going to be at Wynwood Walls in Miami checking out all the murals that are starting to come together. Liquitex is an official sponsor of the event and the Women on the Walls group. Women on the Walls is an international artist group of women street artists. There are 15 artists and 9 walls. If you want up to the minute updates check out my twitter @moloughlinart.


Classes at the Collective Art Tank

Hey everyone,

Lately I’ve been working with The Collective Art Tank in Asbury Park, NJ on scheduling some classes I’ll be teaching in 2014. I’ll be teaching are affordable unique classes you can’t find anywhere else!

Check out the link for the full list and sign up soon!


70 paintings #14-23

Hey everyone,

After Critique 2 weeks ago, some of the elements of my painting a day project have evolved. The surface and medium are consistent in each painting now. Oil paint on 6″x6″ canvas. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been very busy with midterms. Enjoy.

Photo Oct 15, 6 26 56 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 27 04 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 27 19 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 27 30 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 27 40 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 27 47 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 27 54 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 28 00 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 28 09 PM Photo Oct 15, 6 28 16 PM

The Collective Art Tank

The Collective Art Tank has moved!!!

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to let everyone know, that the Collective Art Tank in Asbury Park, NJ has moved to a newer, and much better location. It is still in Asbury Park however they have moved to a street level store front in very busy area of Bangs St and Cookman Ave. For those of you who are not familiar with The Collective Art Tank, I highly recommend you check it out and try and get there sometime. There are a ton of exciting new things in the works that will make it a paradise for artists and instructors.

Here is the official press release:

After three years in Asbury Park, The Collective Art Tank, a collaborative by artist and gallery-owner John Viggiano and international fine art suppliers Liquitex, Winsor & Newton and Conté à Paris, today announced its relocation and expansion to 529 Bangs Avenue in downtown Asbury Park.  Fueled by its growing reputation as a communal space where artists can work, display art and teach classes free of charge, The Collective Art Tank’s new storefront location will broaden its exposure, enhance accessibility, and further its mission of supporting the thriving arts community in and around the city-by-the-sea.

In its new space, The Collective Art Tank will welcome artists and artists-in-residence, as well as offer art instructors a free space to host technique-based demos, workshops and classes.  Products from Liquitex, Winsor & Newton and Conté à Paris will be available for sampling by the public, as well as for use in classes and demonstrations.  Gallery openings and art-driven community events will be celebrated.

“We are very excited to move to our new storefront location on Bangs Avenue.  I have had the pleasure of working with the team from Liquitex, Winsor & Newton and Conté à Paris for the past three years to support working artists and increase the accessibility of art classes for our local community and throughout the region.  We look forward to utilizing The Collective Art Tank’s new space to heighten our exposure and connect with even more artists who seek a collaborative venue that enables them to take their art to the next level,” commented John Viggiano.

Formerly located in the Shoppes at the Arcade on Cookman Avenue in Asbury Park, The Collective Art Tank’s contributions to the city are varied.  This spring, it will welcome the return of Liquitex and Winsor & Newton’s annual Artist Outreach Program Weekend to Asbury Park.  The event brings professional artists from throughout North America to Asbury Park for a weekend of product demonstrations and gallery exhibits. The Collective Art Tank also supports the artistic development of its instructors and students.  Asbury Park artist and Art Tank instructor Jay Mack has received numerous accolades since his start with the program, including an invitation to paint live during the Arts Materials World® 2013 in Minneapolis.  In December, Mack will join Liquitex and Winsor & Newton resident artist Jimmy Leslie in Miami to create a collaborative mural during the highly acclaimed Art Basel event.

Classes and demonstrations offered at The Collective Art Tank are open to the public.  For more information about upcoming class schedules, or to learn more about how to become an art instructor at the The Collective Art Tank, please

About The Collective Art Tank

The Collective Art Tank is the collaboration of John Viggiano (artist, gallery owner and graphic designer) and Winsor & Newton, Liquitex, and Conté à Paris fine art materials.  Its goal is to support artists in the growing arts community of Asbury Park, NJ by offering technique-based demos, workshops and classes, as well as samples of art materials and exhibition opportunities. The Collective Art Tank is committed to community outreach.  It works with and supports local arts groups in an effort to make Asbury Park and its surrounding communities a destination for the arts.  For more information about The Collective Art Tank, visit


Art21 Rackstraw Downes

Hey everyone,

I got pointed to this video by another student in one of my classes and I loved it. Rackstraw Downes is a contemporary landscape painter that paints realistic scenes around the United States. There are also 2 other painters featured in this episode, Robert Mangold, and Sarah Sze.


This may be the worst painting I’ve done in 2 years, but thats okay

So if you keep up with my blog you know that I am currently attempting to do a landscape painting every single day. Well last night I went out on the front porch of my apartment and painted a local restaurant across the street. It came out terribly. But I realized that 1. every painting is not going to be a winner, and 2. every situation, especially paintings there a lessons to be learned. So I looked back for a while on this painting and started researching other contemporary landscape paintings and what they were doing and why my painting doesn’t have that. So I am currently working on a painting today that I am working more towards that goal.

Photo Sep 29, 9 35 53 PM

70 Paintings #2-9

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while this week at school has been pretty crazy. But I wanted to upload the paintings I’ve been working on. I’m still doing my best to keep up with the painting a day although when I was in Canada I fell behind a little bit. So at the moment I’m 3 days behind but I plan on doubling up some days to catch up. I’ve learned a lot so far but am still getting frustrated while painting some landscapes. I’m struggling to get certain results but I suppose that will come with experience. I am really enjoying the watercolors, they feel as thou they’re coming more naturally to me and the oils are the medium I’m struggling most with.


Photo Sep 24, 10 05 58 PM Photo Sep 26, 9 19 43 AM Photo Sep 27, 5 00 30 PM Photo Sep 29, 9 35 53 PM Photo Sep 30, 7 29 57 PM Photo Sep 30, 7 30 13 PM Photo Sep 30, 7 30 22 PM Photo Sep 30, 7 36 18 PM